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Machine Girl

A Normal High School Girl. Living a Normal Life. With a Normal Family. Until a Ninja Yakuza Family. Took Away Everything. She Ever Had. Now. She Won't Stop. Until She's Got Revenge. YAKUZA. NINJAS. TEMPURA. SUSHI. CHAINSAWS. FLYING GUILLOTINE. DRILL BRA. REVENGE... The Machine Girl.

Proving once again that there is no such thing as a Normal Japanese Schoolgirl, Ami () after her entire family gets tortured and killed by Yakuza Ninjas and half her arm gets chopped off, vows revenge and proceeds to replace her missing arm with a machine girl. As she fights her way through the movie, Ami keeps losing more and more body parts, and keeps replacing them with more and more deadly machinery.

Barbra Horowitz Blog

Barbara Horowitz

Rigged Tee Shirt Couture

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The High Waist Pant

Bobby J

Eco Fashion - Mens Swimwear Fashion Show

Gabriel Croissier Summer 08

Dior Homme by Kris Van Assche


not just the boss's daughter

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Check out the current fashion exhibit at The Metropolitian Museum of Art's Costume Institute and comment!

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Freeman's Sporting Club

Check out the F.S.C. "SHACKET"
The shirt-jacket is an unlined light jacket with interior French seams to make it perfect for layering. The shacket is versatile and equally at home with shirt and tie as it is with t-shirt.

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Kate Moss's TOP MAN


Kate Moss's TOP SHOP


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ORGANIC COTTON JEANS: PRO Loomstate jeans, $295, are made domestically (Kentucky) from unwashed, untreated organic-cotton denim; the paper label is impregnated with seeds so you can plant it and grow flowers. CON Subject to unpredictable shrinkage; the care tag suggests washing with shampoo while wearing them in the shower and drying in the sun.
Photo: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

I Heart Grayson Perry

Check out Fashionable Potter Grayson Perry!

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Girl Talk

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Tracy Reese - Feminine Chic

Tracy Reese is an American Fashion designer born in Detroit, Michigan, on February 12, 1964; the daughter of Claud, a manager, and Pat, a dance teacher. Her grandmother was her first fashion icon. She was both ladylike and stylish. Reese’s mother enrolled her and her two sisters in weekend enrichment classes at the city’s museum. Her career direction first emerged when she, her mother, and two sisters would hold sewing contest; whoever finished their outfit first won, the loser bought the fabric. She joked in an interview with Essences “Although I generally won, I still spent every dime I had buying fabric”.
Reese attended Cass Technical High school, a privileged public high school of the arts in the Detroit school system. Cass Tech. had a fashion-design-department, though Reese was not focused on fashion design, she took a couple of classes. She actually felt fashion-design was ”flaky”, and wanted to be an architect or an interior designer. But Reese was encouraged by a fashion teacher to apply for a scholarship to a summer program at Parsons School of design in Ney York City. She won the slot for the scholar program, and loved the experience, school, and city. After graduation from Cass Tech. she attended Parsons full-time for fashion design.
Following her graduation, in 1984, from Parsons Reese received a wonderful job as an apprentice at a small contemporary firm for French designer Martin Sitbon in New York City. Reese was assigned to Sitbon’s Arlequin line. After two years in the industry Reese was still passionate about designing a line that reflected her own style. With funding from her father Claud, she created two collections, both favored by store buyers. The line was sold at stores such as Barney’s New York, Bergdorf Goodman, and Ann Taylor. Reese could not maintain enough revenue to meet production cost, and had to close business in 1989. She recalled in a interview with WWD “I thought I knew everything, but learned quickly that I really didn’t and knew I had to learn more about the business”.
After the close of her business Reese starting working for Perry Ellis, thanks to friend Marc Jacobs, her former schoolmate at Parsons. She enquired more financial experience and mentoring from designer Gordon Henderson Reese. In the early 1990’s Reese became head-designer for a new label called Magaschoni, owned by Magatague (Hong Kong manufacture). After sales reached $4 million in 1991, Magatague executives gave Reese her own line “Tracy Reese for Magaschoni” The line had great sales at high-end retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Reese was still determined to produce her own line and business.
In 1995 Reese and mass retailer the Limited inked a deal for a line. This provided funds for her start-up line “Tracy Reese Meridian”, which launched in the Spring of 1996. With an investor on board the line became just “Tracy Reese”, followed by a more casual line targeted towards younger customers “Plenty”. By 2002 sales had reached $12million. Her collection was shown During New York Fashion week in Bryant Park, were they received rave reviews.
In 2004 the company introduced “Plenty Home” a line of bedding, curtains, and throws. Shoes and accessories were introduced in Fall of 2005.
Reese has established herself as one of the most successful African American women in the fashion industry. Her designs are feminine chic, made for the girly girl. Her signature fabrics are lush patterns from India. She knows what women want to wear.

Loving Ungaro!

I have never even seen French designer Emanuel Ungaro's collections before, now he's my new favorite designer! After reaserching him for a reaserch paper I fell in love! I love the sexy shilloettes, and bright bold colors paired with exotic prints.

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Billionaire Boys Club


Sweeney Todd

Fashion Photography is ART

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Spain 2008 - Noovo Festival

Santiago de Compostela

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tonight!


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Urghhh. I don't really get into Menswear lines in the first place, but Thom Browne's designs just crack me up. I really can't imagine seeing many guys wear these shrunken suits. The women's line is very conservative. I'm not a big fan!

I love this Zac Posen dress! The color is a unique shade and the neckline adds a suitable amount of seductiveness. I really like how the double straps rest on the shoulders. I want this!

Nicole Myers -Tracy Reese 2006-2007

Tracy Reese Collections

Her style is very feminine chic. This collections is from New York Fashion Week 2007.
I like her style I like the use of the dark colors.

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Global Warming - Seasonless Fashion

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black!

Flash Drive Jewelry!

Bring your powerpoint in style!

Lagerfeld Great Wall Video

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Lady DJs

Party Dresses

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Whitney's Blog Charles Nolan

I think He looks like Hilfiger a lil bit.

Spring 06 shows he uses models of all ages sometimes. BTW that granny is HOTTTT

Nice if I had a boyfriend this thin

From the fall 07 collection. I love how he ties in different shades of red in the entire look.

This is cute, I love the Pants

The necklace can go but the dress can stay
I like the color scheme
This is very pretty it reminds me of easter.
This is freakin sexy. I would wear this too. the models ears look real pointy tho.
I would really wear this. It's really classic.