Thursday, February 4, 2010

Even Wendy Williams, who's known for her oversized hair, accessories and other body parts, seemed petite in Joan Rivers' cavernous great room Tuesday night. Williams attended the book party Rivers hosted for her daughter, Melissa, in her Upper East Side apartment. Hoda Kotb, Rosanna Scotto, Deborah Norville, Robin Quivers, WNBC's Megan Meany and LXTV's Sara Gore gathered with Bernadette Peters and Donnie Deutsch to celebrate Melissa's "Red Carpet Ready: Secrets for Making the Most of Any Moment You're in the Spotlight." She'll host a signing today at Borders at Time Warner Center. ~PAGE SIX, NY Post


A scoop-neck wool jumpsuit with matching opera-length gloves.

Zac Posen ~ Eric Wilson

Young and connected, he had the attention of important fashion people while he was still a teenager, working as an intern for the designer Nicole Miller and building a network of friends that would include the children of famous artists, magazine editors, actors and President George W. Bush. Susan Posen, Zac's mother and the chief executive of the company, said that the business, while not yet profitable, had always been operated with the bottom line in mind.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Veasyble, by GAIA, is a project based on three words: isolation, intimacy and ornament. Fashion accessories made out of paper can be converted into a personal (or two person) isolation chamber as a means to carve out a private space away from the world. [via TreeHugger] ~PFSK

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fashion's Night Out might be headed for TV. Event organizers, including Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and NYC & Co., have approached networks, including Bravo and CBS, about a show revolving around the September shopping spree spearheaded by Anna Wintour. ~Page Six, NY Post

Monday, February 1, 2010