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Murakami Vuitton Handbags

Murakami Prints From Handbag Leftovers Spark Fraud Suit - Los Angeles Times,0,6238759.story

Guy Trebay

The MET "Model As Muse"

Cathy Horyn

You’re Choosy. So Are We.

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Alexandra Kotur

The Viscountess of Vogue by Irina Aleksander

Monday, April 27, 2009

THANKS to Madonna's high-powered pals, she isn't recovering from her injuries alone. Madge, who recently got tossed from her horse in the Hamptons, has reunited with her Brazilian man-candy, Jesus Luz, and insiders are crediting her friends in the fashion world for it. Marc Jacobs "wrote a letter of support for Jesus' work permit" to allow him to stay in the country, said our source. "Marc campaigned for Jesus, saying he is highly talented and a necessity to the label." Last week, Women's Wear Daily reported Dolce & Gabbana's fall-winter menswear campaign will feature Luz. Our tipster said, "All these fashion lines are hiring Jesus as a favor to Madonna. As long as he can legally work in the US, they can be together." Madonna's rep said she's "not at all involved in managing the career of Jesus Luz. His Dolce job was arranged through his agents," and Madonna hadn't asked anyone to help him. Jacobs' rep had no comment. PAGE SIX, NY Post

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Fantastic Man Magazine

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Manish Arora

Krizia 1981

Mall News

Teen Shoppers at Hot Topic

Shabby Chic RIP

Cat never got her Shabby Chic sofa
Shabby Chic is, or was, a small California-based retail chain, started in 1989 by a British-born Los Angeles resident named Rachel Ashwell, which specialized in furniture, bedding and other domestic knickknacks, all done in the eponymous "shabby chic" style. That style, which predates Ashwell's company but which she helped popularize, aims at re-creating the comfortable, well-worn ambience of an old English country house. It typically features old furniture that has been repainted with several coats and then sanded to give it a distressed look, vintage linens, pillows and cushions, floral motifs -- especially roses -- a palette dominated by white, pastel and faded-Mediterranean colors, and a generally classy-feminine feel. It has a distinct found-treasure, flea-market aesthetic. -Gary Kamiya


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Retail News - American Apparel

HERE'S what will come up in the Woody Allen-American Apparel court case, which may grow uglier. He wants $10 million for their unau thorized use of his likeness on two billboards for one week. Their lawyer Stuart Slotnick claims -- in high-class legalese -- that he ain't worth a farthing of that since he devalued his reputation by becoming involved with his lover Mia Farrow's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, whom he later married. Coming up, the defendants will step this up. They're set to claim his clear inability to discuss the value of any endorsement or much else outside the realm of the purely creative. In "What Falls Away," the long-ago Bantam memoir written by long-ago lover Mia Farrow, Page 327 states: Woody had an "evident lack of familiarity with the most basic details of day-to-day existence," Farrow alleges. He did not know the name of any of their pets. Did not know which children shared bedrooms. Did not know who was his children's dentist. Their son Moses had cerebral palsy. The book states he did not know the name of his doctor. Did not know the name of the boy's teacher. Did not know the name of his friends. Did not know of his academic performance. She further claims that in their court case, "mental health witnesses" labeled Mr. Allen "self-absorbed, untrustworthy" and with "lack of judgment." With lawyers present, in a discussion of American Apparel advertisements, which Allen deemed "embarrassing" and "gross" and "sleazy," he could not recall if they were of men or women or both. Thus, will claim American Apparel's legal team, Mr. Allen is not an appropriate person to discuss any value of any endorsement. -Cindy Adams NY Post

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Carmen Miranda

Diana Brill and Elvira

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"I Love Beauty, it's not my fault." - Valentino

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How Bottega Veneta Is Keeping Luxury Relevant - The Daily Beast

Tomas Maier muses on building an empire and understated elegance.

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MARC Jacobs is loyal to his friends. Lil' Kim performed at the after-party for his spring 2006 collection the week before she went to jail on perjury charges for 10 months. But while she was inside, Jacobs wrote her every week. He was "a huge supporter when I was in prison," Lil' Kim told "I decided to buy a coloring book. I'm a huge Bratz fan and I painted the Bratz and made them all wear MARC Jacobs, and sent it to him. He blew it up and framed it, and now it's hanging in his house." NY Post PAGE SIX

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Robin Givhan

ROBIN Givhan, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion editor of the Washington Post, is moving back to DC after nine years in New York -- and some folks are wondering if the move was her idea or her boss's. "I'll continue to write about fashion, but will focus most of my attention on covering the Obamas," Givhan told Page Six. "Was it my choice? Of course. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to chronicle history?" But a source snarked, "I suspect that [new publisher] Katharine Weymouth wants her Washington Post fashion editor in Washington covering fashion in Washington." Givhan once applied for a job at the New York Times. "You could say that Time smen found her salary demands excessive," the source said. She went to Vogue instead and then to the Washing ton Post, where she kicked up controversy with an essay on Hillary Clinton's "unnerving" and "startling" cleavage. -NY Post PAGE SIX

Helen Gurley Brown

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Simon Doonan

Watanabe to Wear: Mrs. Obama Goes for the Avant-Garde

...And then there’s the banking crisis, by which I mean the bankers’ sartorial crisis. You simply will not believe the crazy looks these pillars of the financial industry are sporting these days. All over the world, bankers are flinging open their closets and screeching, “What shall I wear?” like a bunch of highly strung reality-show bitches.

Daisy Lowe TV Show

Pretty and sweet It Brit Daisy Lowe is getting her own series on MTV. Though it's billed as an "observational documentary" that follows Daisy around as she goes to protests and speaks out about saving the planet (hmm, snooze), we're still hoping for plenty of juicy tidbits and enough of her cute accent to make it all worth it. We have faith. - Xiyin Tang, Pipeline

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Ruth La Furla - Stevie Nicks Style

Eric Wilson-TOPSHOP

UK Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown rents designer clothes

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Debbie Phelps for CHICO'S