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Is Lacroix's Party Over?

Is Lacroix's Party Over? by The Daily Beast. French designer Christian Lacroix—beloved by models and celebrities for over two decades—just filed for bankruptcy, potentially ending an era.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

French Twist

In 1963, 7 gorgeous french models, all named monique, met at a chanel show in paris and having felt the ennui of the european fashion world, decided to move to new york and start an all girl band that would only play twist music. the band was an instant hit and played in every venue in new york city right up until the late 80's/early 90's when each of the girls retired to cities spanning the globe. some stayed in new york, some moved upstate to the fingerlakes, some moved down river to ol' new orleans and one moved to london. if you are a fan or even a monique (anyone can be one really) please join the group and feel free to post pictures and videos of the group if you were ever lucky enough to have witnessed the glorious experience of their performing genius. ooh la la.

Le Whif

Le Whif is a revolutionary new way of eating chocolate - by breathing it! Imagine, chocolate without the calories. Be the first to try inhaled chocolate when Le Whif goes on sale later this month in four luscious flavors: mint chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mango chocolate, and plain chocolate.

Cynthia Rowley Evil Eye Pin

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Eric Wilson - Designer Shorts

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What's wrong with Michelle Obama's style?

What's wrong with Michelle Obama's style? Her controversial cardigans! Her bare arms! As a feminist, I cringe at the constant media attention to our first lady's appearance. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. -Kara Jesella

The Cassette Society

Woody Allen, American Apparel settle suit for $5M

Woody Allen agreed Monday to a $5 million settlement in his lawsuit accusing American Apparel of using an image parodying him as a rabbi without his permission. Dov Charney insisted there were no hard feelings, saying the billboards were misunderstood, he said, "I have respect for Mr. Allen. ... I hope to meet him on more friendly terms at a different point." - Tom Hays, AP

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Kanye Vision

Dior’s Lady Noire Affair

To build anticipation and increase demand for their new handbag, Dior have embarked on an unusual promotional activity. They have started a Twitter account that will reveal one clue a day till the 20th of May about a short film to be released next week. All we have been able to gather so far is that the film, a mystery, is directed by Olivier Dahan and stars Marion Cotillard. It is titled The Lady Noire Affair and is ‘a tribute to the elegant heroines in Hitchcock movies’. Dior have certainly pulled out all the stops: there are beautiful photographs of Marion Cotillard with her Dior bag (taken by fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh) to represent scenes from the story, embeddable widgets and a trailer. We’ll be waiting to see as the mystery hurtles to its end on the 20th! - PSFK

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Avedon at ICP

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Donatella Versace: White House Correspondent

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Tim Gunn Goes to Washington

Steven Kolb, executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, along with Project Runway judge Tim Gunn and the show's Season 5 winner Leanne Marshall, boarded a 6 a.m. train at Penn Station bound for Washington, D.C. They had appointments lined up for the entire day to gain the support of lawmakers for the proposed Design Piracy Prohibition Act, introduced last month by New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, among others. If passed, the bill would provide designers with copyright protection for their creations. With the bill's passage, designers would be able to register their designs (for the price of $30) by emailing a photo or a sketch of a garment to a copyright office, which will ensure a copyright protection of three years. (The bill would not extend retroactively to designs that have already been on the market.) With Mr. Gunn and Ms. Marshall in tow, Mr. Kolb paid visits to politicians, explaining that unlike Europe, India and Japan, the U.S. has no copyright laws when it comes to design. And, if other art forms like film, literature, and music are protected, why isn't fashion? - Irina Aleksander, NY Observer

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Norma Kamali

The Fashion Show

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Models Mob The Met
The carpet was filled with ethereal, slow-moving Russian and Eastern European mannequins, most wearing smoky eyeliner and messy hair and clutching the nerdy-looking young fashion designers who’d designed their outfits. “She was lovely enough and gracious enough to ask me to be her date,” said designer Richard Chai of the Amazonian Karolina Kurkova, standing to his right in a, yes, short blue dress he’d designed. “I’ve known Karolina since she first came to New York, when she was 16, and I was the director at Marc Jacobs, so it’s an ironic sort of full-circle moment for us, that Marc’s hosting it. She came in for a casting and we took her for the show, and she was the same exact person then as she is now.”- Meredith Rryan, NY Observer

Does Kanye Dress Too Gay?

How did the community that once welcomed Little Richard become so violently judgmental? And why, in 2009, is “looking gay” in the black community even an issue?
-Elizabeth Gates

At an after-party for the Met Costume Institute gala at Submercer on Monday, the invulnerable star of "24" got into an argument with fashion label Proenza Schouler co-founder Jack McCollough which ended with the macho actor head-butting the flamboyant designer and breaking his nose. The night-life blog Guest of a Guest reported the argument stemmed from a conversation Sutherland was having with actress Brooke Shields, though no further details were provided. (All three were at the gala earlier in the evening.) McCollough reportedly spent the night in the hospital. Sources told The Post McCollough filed a complaint with cops last night. - PAGE SIX, NY Post

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The Earliest Supermodels

Model as Muse