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Lunch with Simon Doonan


Bananna Splits Beanie


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DJ Karl

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Pretty Pretty

Paula Froelich Page Six - April 17, 2008 -- FASHION MODEL May Andersen thinks every event is about her. Tuesday afternoon, she was at the Chopard store on Madison Avenue judging an ASPCA dog competition, but our spy said, "she was so confused. Nobody was directing her and she seemed really nervous. She just started posing on these super tiny doggie steps and getting her picture taken." A rep for the event said, "May was very sweet to the dogs," noting that she completed her judging duties. The winning puppy will be honored at the Plaza tonight. Andersen's rep denies the story.

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Neo Punk - Stephen Sprouse


Lauren Hutton

Paula Froelich PAGE SIX - April 16, 2008 -- LAUREN Hutton not only still looks good, but she rescues people, too. The former supermodel was sitting in the waiting area of the United Airlines terminal at JFK airport Monday afternoon, awaiting a flight to LA, when she saw an old woman lean against an unstable wall. "The woman fell to the ground and looked like she could really have been injured," said our spy. "A crowd formed around her, but Lauren immediately stepped forward, pulled her up and asked her if she was OK. And by the way, Lauren looked radiant." Both the older woman and Hutton ended up boarding the plane and sitting only a row apart.

Miss Nevada

Criss Angel and Tommy Lee

French Anti Thin Spin

The death in 2006 of the Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston from anorexia caused soul-searching in France.

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Street Style - Milano

Student Style - Yale

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Prince William

Madonna Hard Candy

Pete Paphides
London Times April 8, 2008
Seemingly eager to relieve herself from the pressure of being imitated at every turn, Madonna’s 11th studio album finds her deploying a coterie of producers – Timbaland, Danja, Pharrell Williams – who have, in varying combinations, already done the same thing with Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. Naturally, this being Madonna, she has already filed the riposte before you made the criticism. On She’s Not Me, she makes the point that however any other woman attempts to match her, they don’t have the advantage of being Madonna. So, what’s the song like? Well, it’s like roughly two thirds of Hard Candy – a sequenced avalanche of beats in the sonic centre ground that, in the olden days, used to be occupied by tunes. Far from being a problem, that’s how some of the most exciting pop music is assembled these days. Madonna’s instinct for a killer tune has pushed producers such as Stuart Price, Mirwais and William Orbit to career peaks. Given time here, Incredible and the Kanye West-assisted Beat Goes On will scrub up alongside some of her best – especially the latter’s nods to Detroit techno at its poppermost. Justin Timberlake cameos on the new single 4 Minutes and three other songs, including the immediately excellent Miles Away – a collision of acoustic downstrokes and feverishly jaunty rhythm that verges on reggae. When the songs work, it doesn’t much matter that Madonna is blazing a fourth-hand trail. After 25 years of reinvention, we can surely cut her slack in that department. But on Dance 2Night, She’s Not Me and Give It 2 Me, what surprises is how deferential Madonna is to her collaborators. Even the album’s showstopping ballad, The Devil Wouldn’t Recognise You succumbs to a default mode of vast beats.

French fashion industry signs anti-anorexia charter

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 20:36:00 04/09/2008
PARIS -- The French fashion industry on Wednesday signed a charter to promote healthy body images among ultra-skinny models in magazine ads and on the catwalks of Paris, the world's fashion capital. After more than a year of talks, officials from fashion houses, advertising firms and media outlets joined Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot to ink the voluntary charter, joining a worldwide drive to combat anorexia. The charter outlines a series of guidelines but falls short of imposing restrictions, as is the case in Spain which has set a minimum body mass index of 18 for catwalk models. This translates to a minimum weight of 56 kilos (123 pounds) for a height of 1.75 meters (5.74 feet). French fashion supremos committed to a series of "positive actions" to promote healthy body images, mostly through awareness-raising and information sharing. Signatories pledged to refrain from using "images of people, in particular youth, that could contribute to promoting a model of extreme thinness." The measures were drafted by a working group set up in January 2007 by the health ministry to respond to recent alarm over the deaths of models and an outcry over bare-bone physiques being held up as the epitome of beauty. In November 2006, Ana Carolina Reston in Brazil died at the age of 21, weighing in at less than 40 kilos for her tall 1.7 meter frame. Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos died of heart failure in August that same year. Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani caused a stir last year with a series of anti-anorexia ads featuring Frenchwoman Isabelle Caro, who weighs just 32 kilograms (70 pounds) for a height of 1.65 meters. The ads for the Italian clothing firm No-l-ita were launched in the middle of Milan fashion week under the slogan "No to Anorexia." The head of the French Couture Federation, Didier Grumbach, assailed the ad campaign, describing it as a cheap sensationalist bid by a clothing label. "Winning notoriety through people's illness is painful. What we're seeing here is sensationalism by a label, to the detriment of an extremely serious social problem," Grumbach said. The French working group was headed by child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo and sociologist Jean-Pierre Poulain and included representatives from the fashion, media and advertisement industry as well as consumers and scientists. Spain, the first European country to take a tough stance, decided in September 2006 to ban models whose frail bodies came under the set body mass index at its Pasarela Cibeles fashion show in Madrid. Early last year, Spanish fashion houses Zara and Mango agreed to put size 38-and-up mannequins (US size 8) in their window showcases and not to display bigger-size racks of clothing at the back of their shops. But neither New York, Paris nor London have followed suit, saying they did not want to impose constraints and pointing to measures already in place in the industry. In France, agencies require a government-registered license and must request special authorization for models aged under 16, who undergo regular medical check-ups. In Italy, an anti-anorexia charter signed in February 2007 seeks to promote healthy beauty and bans girls under 16 from catwalks. Models on Italian catwalks must present health certificates showing that they do not suffer from eating disorders. Under new measures adopted in Britain, models suffering from anorexia or bulimia will have to present a certificate showing that they are being treated for the disorder and that it is under control before taking part in British Fashion Week in London in September. Copyright 2008 Agence France-Presse. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Katherine Hamnett Interview


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1970's Female Trouble

1974 - John Waters Female Trouble

Fashion Advertising




Chiho Aoshima

© Murakami Exhibition Opening Party at the Brooklyn Museum

Terrence Koh

© Murakami Exhibition Opening Party at the Brooklyn Museum

Retail News

Teresa F. Lindeman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Donna Summer 2008 - I am a Fire

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Harmony Korine's back with Mister Lonely!!!

Released 10 years after the widely acclaimed Gummo (1997), his third feature film, "Mister Lonely," examines what happens when a Michael Jackson impersonator (played by Diego Luna) meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (Samantha Morton).

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip


Alexei, Kelly and Junior listen to loud and quiet music, take too much time off work, write slogans on their t-shirts, and make up noisy pop songs about girls and gin.

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Zac Posen Kung Fu Party

Richard Johnson Page Six - Is Zac Posen trying to invent the latest dance craze? The designer showed up to celebrity stylist Christopher Niquet's birthday party at Le Royale Tuesday and karate-danced his way through the night. "He looked like he was doing ninja moves over and over and then he started teaching everyone else what he was doing," said one partygoer. "He was in jeans and looked like he hadn't shaved in a week."

John Varvatos at CBGB

SERENA FRENCH NY POST - CBGB has cleaned up its act and gotten a new infusion of style - menswear designer John Varvatos launched a shop at the old site of the rock landmark over the weekend.
And punk preservationists will be glad to hear that the Bowery site - which once hosted such pioneers as the Ramones and Blondie - hasn't been sanitized beyond recognition.
The stage is gone, replaced by a tailoring shop, but it's encased with gold Alice Cooper records.

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April 5 2008 - The New York Post - The trouble-prone model - who was arrested on suspicion of assaulting and spitting at a cop at Heathrow Airport in London on Thursday - was released from police custody yesterday as new details of her latest brush with the law surfaced. When she learned that a piece of her Louis Vuitton luggage didn't make her flight, the supermodel started ranting, "Why can't you do anything right? Get all my bags on this flight! I'm Naomi Campbell!" a witness told The Daily Mirror.

1960's Here Come The Hippys

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Brooklyn Museum
April 5 - July 13 2008

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

New York April 25-26

Chrissie Morris Shoes


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Designer Pink Slips

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