Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Retail News - American Apparel

HERE'S what will come up in the Woody Allen-American Apparel court case, which may grow uglier. He wants $10 million for their unau thorized use of his likeness on two billboards for one week. Their lawyer Stuart Slotnick claims -- in high-class legalese -- that he ain't worth a farthing of that since he devalued his reputation by becoming involved with his lover Mia Farrow's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, whom he later married. Coming up, the defendants will step this up. They're set to claim his clear inability to discuss the value of any endorsement or much else outside the realm of the purely creative. In "What Falls Away," the long-ago Bantam memoir written by long-ago lover Mia Farrow, Page 327 states: Woody had an "evident lack of familiarity with the most basic details of day-to-day existence," Farrow alleges. He did not know the name of any of their pets. Did not know which children shared bedrooms. Did not know who was his children's dentist. Their son Moses had cerebral palsy. The book states he did not know the name of his doctor. Did not know the name of the boy's teacher. Did not know the name of his friends. Did not know of his academic performance. She further claims that in their court case, "mental health witnesses" labeled Mr. Allen "self-absorbed, untrustworthy" and with "lack of judgment." With lawyers present, in a discussion of American Apparel advertisements, which Allen deemed "embarrassing" and "gross" and "sleazy," he could not recall if they were of men or women or both. Thus, will claim American Apparel's legal team, Mr. Allen is not an appropriate person to discuss any value of any endorsement. -Cindy Adams NY Post