Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christine Valmy

It’s no surprise that many people in the beauty industry are looking to make a side dollar or two. Marina Valmy de Haydu, director of the Christine Valmy International Schools, estimates that salons pay their employees around 40 to 60 percent commission on services rendered (excluding tips). But there can be a lot of hands dipping into that pot. There is “one person washing you, another massaging your head, another towel-drying your hair,” said Nicolle Cannone, a Westchester-based owner of a line of baby clothing, who gets at-home sessions with a stylist. After Mrs. Cannone’s sister became friendly with a hairdresser at a pricey Manhattan hair salon (which Mrs. Cannone did not want named as to not jeopardize her stylist’s full-time job), a deal was arranged for the stylist to come to Mrs. Cannone’s home, where both sisters’ hair is cut in the hallway at $60 a head (more than a 50 percent discount from the salon price). “The average person doesn’t really know that they can do these side deals,” said Ying Chu, the beauty and health director at Marie Claire.