Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Richie Rich

DEC 29 2010
A mannequin dressed as party boy Richie Rich was stolen from the Dropout bash at Don Hill's Sunday night. The "deejay" is usually a mannequin dressed up as a celebrity seated behind a laptop computer with a programmed playlist. One partygoer told us, "The crowd" -- including Rich himself -- "was wild and dancing late when two guys apparently rolled the mannequin out the back exit like a drunk date." Organizers were reviewing security tapes to see if they could nab the thieves, but so far, "Richie" hasn't been recovered. A rep for the bar didn't get back to us. - NY Post

Jan 2 2011
A mannequin dressed as club kid/designer Richie Rich that disappeared from Don Hill's two weeks ago has been found -- with its blond wig missing. We reported that the life-size plastic doll that sits behind the DJ booth was rolled out of the club by two unidentified men during Don Hill's Sunday-night Dropout party, but a source reports that it mysteriously reappeared intact and fully clothed at Don Hill's days later -- except for the wig. The mannequin will be in the DJ booth for the next Dropout party tonight.
- NY Post