Thursday, January 6, 2011

Andrew Andrew described their pilgrimage to the tomb of the North Korea's Great Leader: Everyone who visits must be in a suit, and when you arrive a special machine cleans your shoes. You go through a maze of antechambers, hearing fantastical stories about the Great Leader’s life. Finally, you arrive at the body, to which you must bow from several angles. “It was, like, the greatest performance piece,” Andrew said. Andrew becomes quiet. “It also addresses the idea that Communism, which is utopia on earth, whenever it’s actually put into practice, fails.” A tear rolled down his cheek. “And it speaks to me more to the inadequacy of human beings, that deep down inside we can’t share. We can’t get along. I do have Communist roots” — he turned to the other Andrew — “Can I say that?” “Yeah,” said Andrew, offering a quiet consent. - MICHAEL SCHULMAN

The Cinderella story is our favorite national myth, the cornerstone of the film industry if not of the Democracy itself. I have seen it enacted on the screen so often that I was now inclined to yawn at it.
- Tennessee Williams The Castrophe of Success