Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anna Sui 90's designer

In 1992, Anna Sui opened her boutique on Greene Street in New York. The store reflects her personal taste using antique furniture and mannequins with purple walls and red carpets. There's a cartoon version of her store on her website. Check it out.

Her spring 2008 collection features a lot of black, white, and grey clothing paired with bright colors and funky florals. Also really punk, funky hairstyles and colors.

I love the black Fedora hat on the image on the left paired with a white pin strip suit and yellow blouse underneath. The whole thing is very eye catching and unique I think.

This design above is a very girlie twist on punk that I really like. I love the different shades of pink matched with black. I think the shorts could be longer though.

The design on the left also pairs a pretty yellow floral with blacks and greys. The small puff to the sleeve has been a popular trend lately. I keep seeing designers slowly trying to push the high waisted pants or skirts that were seen in the 70's but I don't think that will be a trend that will catch on again. Even as a little kid I wanted to wear stuff on my hips where it was more comfortable, not above my belly button! I also think it's interesting how she pairs cute funky looking socks or ankle length hose with strappy high heels.

This design on the left I love! It's such a cute little dress, I would seriously wear this for the summer.

Above, this dress has a shiny almost plastic look to it in cool floral print. I love the little cap sleeves and sweetheart neckline. Anna also has a lot of accessories with her designs for spring 2008. A lot of belts, scarves, bracelets, and hand bags.

I think this dress is really cute and paired with the little aqua shrug. I believe this is an all over heart print. I like it because my favorite colors are black and aqua.

Anna had a lot of black or metallic silver gowns for evening. I really loved this one with all the deconstructed ruffles at the bottom and deep v neckline.

By: Angel Lasinski