Friday, February 13, 2009

Linda Fargo - Bergdorf Goodman

Ms. Fargo was still air-kissing her way through the crowded room.With such a busy schedule, we wondered whether Ms. Fargo, who's done the Fashion Week rounds more than a few times in her career, felt pressure to look elegant every day. "You know, that’s the one thing I think I’ve become more relaxed about," she said. "I’ve become a little bit more uniform. It’s textures of black—matte to shiny and leathers and satin and fur. It’s simple and I have my red lipstick I carry in bag so that when it becomes nighttime I’ve got the thing that transforms me from day to night." Ms. Fargo admitted that there was a specific reason for her giddy mood that evening. "Already today, we’ve snagged—well, I’m not going to tell you who or what—but we’ve already snagged someone very, very young, someone we’re very excited about," she said. "That kind of thing always creates a lot of energy. So we’re all emailing each other and getting jazzed up." -IRINA ALEKSANDER The New York Observer