Monday, November 9, 2009

Brazilian university in trouble over mini-dress

The Brazilian government sought an explanation Monday from the private university that expelled a woman for wearing a short, pink dress to class, creating an uproar on the Internet and throughout a nation where skimpy attire is common. The university published newspaper advertisements Sunday saying it expelled 20-year-old Geisy Arruda for allegedly disrespecting "ethical principles, academic dignity and morality." "We are following our rules," university lawyer Decio Lencioni told Globo TV. "The problem is not her clothes; it's her behavior, her attitude." The university said Arruda even raised her dress and stopped to pose for photos the night she was insulted. He said she also chose the longest way to get to class to attract the attention of more students. Brazil's national student union, the Brazilian BAR Association, and several other institutions condemned Arruda's expulsion. Brazil's minister for women's policy, Nilcea Freire, told the official Agencia Brasil news service Sunday that the decision showed "intolerance and discrimination." Although Brazil is known for revealing clothing _ especially in beach cities, most college students dress more modestly on campus, commonly in jeans and T-shirts. - TALES AZZONI Associated Press