Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cement Wonderland, A look @ Rodarte (Carl W.)

So everyone dreams of going to NY with the hope of being the next big thing to happen to American fashion....of course, this never happens....or does it? Take a look at Kate and Laura Mulleavy, designers of Rodarte and still living with their parents. Quite a stretch from the home-sewers dream of fame and fortune

Above is their 2007 Fall show, presented in the New York tents. These looks hold that whimsy, soft and slightly sensual look that is highly detailed and proudly displayed. Below are just some of the looks that were in the show; looks I personally adore!

This slimming dress is soft and sexy and even maintains its fem-fab in a neutral green.

Above is a golden glory beautifully embelished with the technical details that bring it just shy of Haute Coutre.

And like any finale done right, the dress above is as delicate as delicate gets. the Asymmetry and the organic shapes keep this dress from being "jus another dress." It floats freely, yet has enough structure and modernism to stand alone on a red carpet.