Sunday, November 18, 2007

Giuliana Teso

So she was very difficult to find information on. I mean, biography wise that is. I like her new line she has out for winter except that it's real fur she uses. If it were faux fur I'd be okay with it.

She used mostly just blacks and greys mixed with some browns and tan furs.

I like how this one looks at first like a typical business skirt suit but the skirt is actually fur.

I thought the fur bolero thing was cute on this one. Most of these pieces were made for either business outfits or evening wear.

I liked how this one has the fur trim at the bottom. It gives the dress a little extra something.

I just really liked this jacket.

This was a very unique idea I thought to just make the sleeves out of fur.

This one looks pretty the garment itself, but on the model it just hides her curves too much and makes her look just straight up and down like a boy.

-Angel Lasinski